African Steam Safari - Kisumu to the Great Karoo

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African Steam Safari - Kisumu to the Great Karoo

Published by the Australian Association of Railway Enthusiasts, this is the second book, in a series of three, featuring regular-service operations on the continent of Africa.

African Steam Safari – Kisumu to the Great Karoo has four diverse chapters with interesting anecdotes, informative maps and more than 190 full-colour photographs with entertaining captions. The first three chapters of this volume capture the last years of steam in Kenya & Angola, together with the Rosmead area in South Africa.

Angola, in particular, is a country that was rarely visited, hence the chapter includes previously unpublished images of the wood-burning Garratts of the Benguela Railway, as well as a fascinating collection of narrow gauge gems from the collection of Jeff Lanham.

The fourth chapter extends (editorially!) the area known as The Karoo from Beaufort West up to Kroonstad & Bethlehem, and from Bloemfontein down to Noupoort. No-one can doubt the magnificence of the both the 25s & 25NCs, as they plied their trade on a daily basis!

128 pages - Size 297mm x 210mm - Soft Cover - 190 colour photos with captions


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