A Bulldog Odyssey

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A Bulldog Odyssey

A Bulldog Odyssey covers the Australian chapter in the history of the General Motors streamlined cab diesel locomotives. Readers embark on a visual journey from the city to the outback. The landscapes featured within the covers of this weighty volume celebrate the beauty & diversity of the Australian continent. Over 40 of the nation's best rail photographers have used brilliant lighting conditions to maximum effect to capture these round cheeked beauties in their adopted home.

All Australian Bulldog classes are represented amidst a plethora of colour schemes worn during 50 years of service. From GM1, the first mainline diesel-electric locomotive on the Australian mainland, through to the last locomotives in the world built new with the Bulldog nose - the 3,300hp Commonwealth Railways CL class - A Bulldog Odyssey showcases the customised General Motors designs built under licence by Clyde Engineering since the early 1950s. The spectacular rebuilding of the CL in the 1990s into the CLP (Passenger) & CLF (Freight) also features with stunning views of these units at work on legendary trains such as The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland.

Reproduction is first class in this 192 page, all-colour, hard back book. Images are showcased in a large 270mm x 300mm format allowing plenty of room for them to 'breathe' & be fully appreciated.

A Bulldog Odyssey's eleven chapters are preceded by an informative overview & tailed with an epilogue updating developments to early 2004. Detailed captions help tell the story of these endearing icons from the early days, right through to the 21st Century.

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