Famous Last Lines 2

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Famous Last Lines 2

Following the successful format of the original Famous Last Lines, Volume 2 embarks on a further nostalgic journey and draws readers back into the near-vanished world of first generation railway power. Evocative introductions set the scene for the action on the featured lines. Famous Last Lines 2 takes up the quality challenge laid down by its predecessor, and matches it.

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Brazil - the mighty Baldwin 2-10-4s on the isolated Dona Teresa Cristina coal system

Australia - the 400 class Garratts of the Peterborough line in South Australia

Portugal - the delightful and diverse locomotives operating in the Douro Valley.

Zimbabwe - in stark contrast to the little Mallets of Portugal, the giant articulated Garratts of the Bulawayo to Victoria Falls railway.

Turkey - the Vulcan 'Skyliners' hard at work in the winter snows of  Zonguldak.

128 pages - Size 288mm x 240mm - Hard Cover - Over 150 colour photos with captions - Line maps

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