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Following in the footsteps of legendary titles, Fading Steam, the Famous Last Lines trilogy and Heavy Metal, comes the latest ‘must have’ title from the Cadeco stable renowned for its quality railway productions.

Northern Exposures had its genesis on a steam-hauled tourist train to Newcastle from Sydney in May 2012. Dozens of railway enthusiasts who had cut their teeth photographing NSW steam in action in the mid to late 1960s & early 1970s met to review their lives & 'chew the fat' over times & scenes long gone. The group decided to share some of its tales & imagery of the ‘good old days’ with a wider audience, & this is the result.

Northern Exposures is about NSWGR steam operations in the regions north of Sydney from the mid-1960s to the last gasp of Government-operated steam in early 1972. Its chapters are based on regional operations; starting with the Gosford to Newcastle section, Hunter Valley coal and continuing beyond on the Main North line to the Queensland border at Wallan-garra and parts of the North Coast line to Murwillumbah and South Brisbane. 

Between its hard-bound covers, Northern Exposures bristles with high-quality colour photographs from names long associated with train photography in NSW; names such as Laurie Anderson, Robert Belzer, Graham Cotterall, Col Gilbertson, Robert Kingsford-Smith, Ray Love, Greg Triplett, John Ward, Malcolm Holdsworth and many others.

But Northern Exposures is more than a photographic essay - much more! The book opens with an introduction by Col Gilbertson who provides a year-by-year 'detailed summary' of steam operations from 1965. This sets the background for the images in the following pages. Chapter introductions and descriptive captions then combine to provide further factual details and entertaining anecdotes that give an insight into day-to-day operations - and of lives dedicated to the pursuit of steam in its final years.

Northern Exposures is not only a tribute to the steam locomotive in every aspect of its daily life; it is also about reminiscing. It is a book for all those who recall the sound of a distant whistle late at night, or the sight of steam at rest or hard at work. It is also for those who, today, hold a fascination for steam and a curiosity into ‘the way it used to be’. Northern Exposures will rekindle cherished memories and transport the reader to a by-gone era when simply being near a steam locomotive stimulated the senses. 

156 pages - Size 290mm x 260mm - Hard Cover - 300 colour photos with captions


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