Where there's smoke - Pakistan to Patagonia

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The Cadeco publishing team come together for one absolutely final ride into the world of regular-service steam power, at a time when the mighty Iron Horse ruled the rails.

Nearly 50 years ago, with steam extinct in the US and UK and on its last legs in Europe and Australia, enthusiasts were obliged to turn their attention to more exotic places to get their thrills. Back then, some political regimes discouraged tourism, so focus zeroed in on central and southern Africa, the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia and South America.  The UK, Europe and countries south thereof to the tip of Africa were covered in the first book in this series.

Travelling in the Third World had its ups and downs. Balancing the challenges were stunning landscapes, exotic motive power and some unforgettable human interaction.

Where thereís smoke captures the very best of the collections of some of the most travelled railway photographers of our times. Part 2 takes us from the Afghan border in Pakistan through teeming India and Sri Lanka to China and Japan. Then on through the heat and humidity of Burma and Thailand to the Philippines and Indonesia. All Australian government systems and some private lines get a brief visit, then itís off to scenically splendid New Zealand and the rich pickings to be found from Cuba down to the southern end of Argentinaís Patagonian region.

The vast majority of the images in this tome have never seen the light of day before, so this is one final book that you really do not want to miss! And it really is the end.

192 pages - Size 290mm x 265mm - Hard Cover - 420 colour photos with captions


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