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A large-format (432 x 314mm) wirobound 'world steam' calendar from Cadeco. 12 pages + cover.

Never say never! There is indeed a 2022 calendar, which continues the theme & style of previous years, namely quality images of steam around the world from the late 60's to the present day. Both narrow & standard gauge are featured, as well as freight & passenger haulage.

There is a broad global mix including operations in the following countries: China, Cuba, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Myanmar, West Germany, Brazil, Syria,, South Africa, UK & Pakistan.

A QJ emerging from the Nancha 'fug', a Baldwin en route to Rafael Freyre, a Standard 2-10-0 struggling thro' heavy snow on the Kars line, a 'T' class in South Australia, Seville Plaza de Armas in happier times, an evening silhouette of a 'YD', high summer on the Saarbrücken 'suburbans', a DTC 'Texas' at full chat, a Syrian 2-6-0T in the Barada valley, mid-morning on Rosmead shed, a reflection above Glenfinnan and a 'G'-class on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

A suitable adornment for any wall during 2022!


  Single Copy     UK£8.50 / Eur10.60 each + P&P (UK included).

2 or more Copies     UK£7.65 / Eur9.55 each + P&P (UK included)

Euro payments - email here for details

Postage & Packaging (each calendar)

Single Calendar    UK - included.  Europe (by air) / Rest of World (by surface) add UK£6.00 / Eur7.50

2 or more copies    UK - included.  Europe (by air) / Rest of World (by surface) add UK£3.60 / Eur4.50 per calendar

Air mail rates are available upon request

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